Cash Only

Next week Greece may limit withdrawals from bank accounts, analysts warn and tour operators.
Experts recommended the tourists who will visit Greece, to stock up cash for at least 3-4 days
Bloomberg adds.
“We recommend that those planning a trip to Greece, to be vigilant,” said David Swann, a representative of “Traveleks” which deals with the exchange of currencies and is the operator of the exchange points and ATMs worldwide.
Analysts ‘Barclays’ believe that next week Greece may limit the amount of cash that can be withdrawn from bank accounts.
Money withdrawn from four banks in Greece on Thursday outperformed EUR 1 billion since the beginning of the week
money withdrawn reached € 3 billion, which is three times more than the average weekly index for the past two months. In June, withdrawals from accounts in Greek banks exceeded 4 billion euros.
Tourists arriving in Greece ceased to trust banks and card in recent weeks increasingly want the hotels to provide them with reliable safes for storing significant cash reserves, notes Bloomberg.
Greek depositors withdrew yesterday over 1 billion euros from banks in just one day, said three senior bank officials.

Grekzit will be the beginning of the end for the euro area, is convinced Tsipras.
They indicated that the pace of withdrawal of money from banks has picked up after talks between the Greek government and creditors broke down over the weekend, reports. “Kathimerini”.

Between Monday and Thursday of deposits were withdrawn about 3 billion euros, representing about 2.2% of total personal and corporate deposits invested in Greek banks, according to data from the end of April.

“There are no queues or panic withdrawal is made safely and gradually,” said one of the bankers said. “This is due to concerns that the government will reach a deal with creditors of the country.” The central bank declined to comment, says “Kathimerini”.